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Pokittobloids, Sploids, Samoids is a nice puzzle game based on Photon Storm's Quarter. This has a little twist in that you can use a button to wipe out a random block of faces when stuck with a piece you can't fit.

It's a game for the Pokitto hardware which can be found >>here<<

You can also play the game on the Windows emulator.


Spectrum Next: You can define your keys in-game. In C-Spect, run the sploids.bat in the Zip file to run the game.

Pokitto: A: start game. Hold B to view instructions. Left: Music on. Right: Music off. In-game, D-pad: move face pieces in the middle to top, right, bottom or left boxes. Button B uses a coin to buy a new center piece if the existing one doesn't fit anywhere. However, as a penalty, a random box will get cleared.

Please read the readme.txt file in the zip file for installation instructions.

For Windows: 1. Download the pokittobloidsWindows.zip file. 2. Extract it to your desktop or wherever you want, 3. Double click the PokittoEmu.exe to start the game.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no audio in the Windows emulator.

Development Tools

Pokitto MicroPython IDE

Release Date

Pokitto: August 2019
ZX Spectrum: Xmas 2019
Sam Coupe: May 2021
Spectrum Next: October 2023


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Pokitto hardware 1 MB
Windows: Pokitto Emulator 1 MB
Sam Coupe: Samoids 800 kB
ZX Spectrum: Sploids 46 kB
ZX Spectrum Next: Sploids 28 kB

Development log


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Purchased after seeing TJ playing SPLOIDS on the NEXT. Looking forward to playing it.

Thank you for buying it! Hope you enjoyed :)

Nice game !